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Beymen Marketplace



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UX Design
UI Design is the biggest luxury marketplace in Turkey. The partner app we have designed is the control panel for the sellers to track their sales, upload new products, run campaigns, etc. We have designed a through experience for the users from user experience to final visual designs. The projects' main focus is to offer its users a dashboard to track sales process and alerts.

No items found. marketplace is a platform targeted to all the sallers, our main goal in this design process was to create an easy-to-use sale process. We have started with an extensive competitive review to get ahead of the best practices in the market.

We have developed a design system for this app and worked on a detailed style guide.

“ will now serve as 'Turkey's only digital luxury platform' with new categories and brands exclusive to, addressing the needs of our customers in different living spaces as well as fashion and going far beyond our retail selection." Beymen CEO on

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