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Pegasus Airlines

Express Bagaj



Number of Users

50.000 Daily Users

UX Design
UI Design

Along with Pegasus Airlines we have designed Express Bagaj to elevate the travel experience to the highest level. During the design process, we have created all the design assets from the physical device itself to the screens, from informing illustrations to animations. The main goal was to keep users in mind and create a fast and easy check-in and bag drop experience.

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Appcent Design partnered with Pegasus Airlines in this traveler-centered project and aimed to create the best user experience. Our user experience team visited several airports and analyzed the current trends in the kiosk experience. We have also focused on understanding the user journey of travelers from the moment they step into the airport to the moment they board their flights.

Our main goal in this project is to help with the "airport anxiety" and offer fast and self-service check-in and bag drop experience. We have applied a human-centered design approach in this project and created several prototypes to understand changing user needs, especially after the pandemic when self-service gained even higher importance.

"Pegasus has launched an application called Express Baggage in Sabiha. It gives super speed after online check-in! Well bravo, super service 👏🏻" Twitter user on Express Bagaj

We helped Pegasus Airlines design the physical product taking into consideration all the ergonomic needs of the traveler, the screen experience and the latest development for the kiosks would be the sound designs to enrich the experience even more!

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