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Tarsim Insurance App



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Tarsim is the lead agriculture and stock-raising insurance company, offering complicated insurance products to its niche customer base.

For Tarsim, we have analyzed the needs of agriculture and stock-raising and created a fast and easy app to track their policies and create claims within the reach of their mobile phones. By analyzing the existing app and users’ needs we have created a redesigned and restyled app bringing the most needed functionalities forward.

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Tarsim already had an app in the market that was struggling to address its users' needs and offered limited functionality. The first step of this redesign project was to heuristically analyze the current system and collect detailed feedback from the users. Since the insurance products were shaped to the very specific needs of each farmer or stock raiser, the claim creation and insurance coverage offered a great range of user flows.

While improving the user experience we have also worked on a new branding approach to be used in all digital channels. The new branding offered a modern, useful approach while keeping accessibility tot he highest importance.

"With the new app, users can report damage immediately and effortlessly" Review in Sigortamedya

Producers and growers can follow all processes related to risk examination and policy damage file, step by step, in detail, through the application, prior to the creation of an agricultural insurance policy. For all agricultural insurance branches, it can report damage immediately and effortlessly. It can access the last date of acceptance, policy information, coverage, element, compensation information, payment information and risk assessment results. Users can send their missing documents. The app can display hourly, daily and 5-day weather and forecasts based on location for all registered lands.

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