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Unishop Project



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UX Design
UI Design

For Unilever Turkey, we have worked on a revamped and redesigned Unishop mobile application. Unishop is a private shopping app offering special prices to its selected customers. We have analyzed the current responsive web experience and highlighted the main issues to be covered in the new app. With creating the best mobile experience in mind, we have offered a new app with new branding and an easy user experience.

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We have gained insights into the issues on the current user flow and areas to improve the mobile experience. Our user experience team thoroughly carried out a heuristic analysis and our findings were the building blocks for the new user flow.

For this project we have also created a new branding approach for digital channels and created a detailed style guide.

“Unishop is easy to use, fast and shopper-friendly. Thanks to the team who made it possible.” App Store review

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