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Yancep Savings App



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UX Design
UI Design

Yancep is a savings app in which users can start saving amounts with as little as ₺1. The target users for this app were people who had no idea how to start saving or how to invest. Yancep offers easy access to all investment opportunities with great revenue potential.

Appcent Design acted as a design partner in developing the MVP of this app with the Yancep team. We have helped them with every user-flow from onboarding leading to the first investment.

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The project started with an extensive competition review. We have analyzed different investment flows for novice and expert users in many different competitor app.

Every step of this design process was handled in a very human-centered design approach. We have prototyped, and tested each flow with the users and evolved the app into its final design.

"Especially the proposed portfolio part is very well thought out. It makes your job much easier when making investment decisions. Successful business. Congratulations." App store review

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